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Remote Viewing Archives: The C.I.A.'s STAR GATE Files

From the U.S. Government's Psychic Program

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The info comes on 14 CDs. Files are in text (txt) and multi-page tagged image (tif) format. TXT files are raw 'OCR scan' of the docs in the graphics. TIFs "open up" to 1-300 docs each.

Multi-page TIF files are not readable in most web-browsers (at the time this is posting) and these files would not be accessible to most visitors. As they varied from 1-300 graphic pages included in each TIF, plus their dimensions were oversized (a few times the size of what will fit on most viewing screens), and all in one file, the files were so big in "download time" (dozens of megabytes each in some cases) they were unworkable. So:

  1. The multi-page TIF files were 'split out' into simple GIF images, which can be viewed in any web browser.
  2. They were sized to something small enough for the web but large enough to see detail clearly.
  3. They were resampled so they would load more quickly.
  4. Menu pages were made to list them manually in case anybody wanted to see just how they were provided.
  5. A datatable was made from the compiled indexes (tables of contents) which the CIA had provided.
  6. Search forms, scripts, and display files based on the database were created to make searching for things of interest, or finding things referenced by others online, easier.
  7. Display files were generated so that for every 'number-file' the CIA provided, the text-file scan (a TXT file), plus all the graphic pages that associate to it (multiple GIF files), would all be pulled into ONE page (an HTML file), so if someone wanted to save or print any given document, they would have all the data for it in one place.
  8. A comments table was created, linked to the users databases in the Dojo Psi and Ten Thousand Roads projects, so members could make comments, reviews, whatever.
  9. The domain was set up to do the dynamic databasing, searching, commenting, etc. The 'raw files' for the data are hosted on the domain. They are available through either domain, but when viewed through the domain, reviews and comments are visible.

The CIA disks were donated to me by _____, who paid for them. ______ is one of the good guys, a serious viewer who wanted to support the project of making this information available free to others online. Thanks buddy.

The work to copy, convert, resize, resample, and upload the files, the scripting for creating the html files, database, search forms and more, was done by me. The Dojo Psi, the Firedocs Collections, and the Ten Thousand Roads ("TKR") Remote Viewing Project, are all owned, funded and operated by me (and in some cases such as TKR, by other volunteers). If you're crazy enough to want to do thankless work free for the cause, send your skills/interest info to me.

For questions visit the Dojo Psi project board at TKR's


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